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Shawnee Mission Park
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Shawnee Mission Park Trailrunning Info:
There are approximately 20 miles of non-paved trails & roads in and attached to Shawnee Mission Park.  Trail Access points are listed below, but they can also be accessed at Shelter #8, Shelter #10, and other areas.  Happy trails, and remember that runners should step off-trail for mountain bikers, and MUST YIELD TO HORSES!
A local trail advocacy group, ERTA, has spent a lot of time building and maintaining these trails. Please be kind to the trails and park. 

Here's a MAP of the most recently improved section of trails, north of the lake.

Please Read: Trail Ethics for Trail Runners.


Detailed directions and maps to parking locations for trailrunning in Shawnee Mission Park:
Shawnee Mission Park
7900 Renner Rd, Shawnee, KS
(East of I-435 and north of Leavenworth Rd./K-5 on north 91st St., Kansas City, Kansas). 
SM Park phone number: (913) 888-4713
MTB Trail Closing Info Line: (913) 312-8833
Park Web Site 
Detailed Directions to Main Park Entrance:
From I-435, take the Midland Drive exit. Head east, take a right at Renner Rd; travel about 1 minute, take a right at the park entrance.
Detailed Directions to the Midland Streamway Trail Parking Lot:
From I-435 (West) at Midland Drive, then head west a couple of miles. The Streamway trail access will be on your left, just before you reach Shawnee Mission Parkway.
Detailed Directions to the "Normal" Parking Spot For Trailrunning:
From the Park entrance, take a right and contiue on Barkley Drive until you reach a stop sign; Take a right (on Barkley Circle), continue until you see shelter #7, on the lake on the left of you; park on the right side of the road, just before the dam.

Map of Shawnee Mission Park

Local Weather

Aerial Photograph of Shawnee Mission Park

Navigable Topographical Map of SM Park


MapQuest Maps:

MapQuest Link to front entrance of Shawnee Mission Park

MapQuest link to Midland Streamway entrance to SM Park.

MapQuest link to "normal" parking area for Trailrunning in SM Park.

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