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Landahl Park
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MapQuest Map to Landahl Park


Landahl Park Reserve is a great trailrunning resource.  Please follow these rules when running on the trails:
  1. Do not wear headphones; there are bikes on the trails.
  2. Step aside for MTB riders.
  3. Never scare animals.
  4. Always yield to horses and announce your arrival way in advance, if approaching from the rear.
  5. Run on open trails, only.
  6. Leave no trace!  There are restrooms available, also.
Click for a TRAIL MAP

Landahl is east of KCMO. Directions: Take I-70 to Exit 20 and go north on 7. After a couple of miles turn right on Argo road. You will see a shooting range on the left. Go past that for a mile or so. Look to the left for a gravel parking lot. The parking lot is across from an archery range with a little concrete bathroom building.

Map to Landahl

The former Lake City Park Reserve was renamed for William Landahl, the countyıs first park director.
Landahl Park Reserve is a 1,397-acre county park in eastern Independence, east of Missouri 7 and south of Truman Road. The park contains almost everything Landahl worked to provide county residents. It has hiking trails, a ball field, soccer fields, horse trails, fishing, picnic shelters, rest rooms, camping sites and even a ski trail for the winter months.
More information can be found on the Earthriders MTB site.

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