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Trail Running

In the Central Midwest Region

There is a group of runners in the area that are truly nuts about trail running.  Some would say that they are regular "nerds" when it comes to avoiding paved running.  Hence, the "Trail Nerds" were formed.

Our funds (after expenses) and labor go back into area and Midwest trail systems and other charitable causes.  We "earn our dirt."  We don't just take your money and put on events for "Corporate" market share increases and personal gain.

What do the Trail Nerds have to offer?

  • We have up to eight regularly scheduled group runs per week.  These runs don't cost you anything to participate; just show up and be self-sufficient.  At least two of the weekday runs are after dark (at night), and we have multiple weekend runs, too. 
  • We are the best and most qualified group in the area to learn about running ultramarathons.  Many of our members are among the top 3 finishers in every ultra distance from 50K to 100 miles.
  • We have a website that lists area trails and how to get to trail-heads.
  • Our group web site sends out e-mails regarding our ever-changing schedule.
  • Our Facebook Page has photos, race reports and club activities listed.
  • We team up with other trail advocacy groups to build, maintain, and clean-up trails.
  • We put on many trail races throughout the year, from 5K to 100K distances. 
  • Entry Fees for our races are kept as low as possible. Entry to many of our events costs only $15.  Our premeire events usually  include a nicely-designed technical tee-shirt, finisher's hardware, a mug, great knowledgeable support, and a well-marked course. 
  • We have our own area Trail Race Series. We also have our own unique line of clothing.
  • We strive to reduce overall waste and trash at our events and (when possible), provide event fabrics that are either recyclable or environmentally friendly.  We feel that “sustainability issues” go hand-in-hand with a “natural” outdoor experience.
  • Lastly, we are an informal bunch of guys & gals from all walks of life.  Our simple rules for running are: No pavement, no whiners, and HAVING FUN!
 You can find out about our group runs, the trails in the area, and other activities and trail information at these web sites: 

Main web site


Facebook Site

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