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The Trail Nerds have had some great media coverage, of late. Here are some of the various articles, podcasts, etc:
The Trail Nerds were recently praised by the Kansas Trails Council for our donation to the Clinton Lake North Shore Trails.  The KTC will now be able to afford some erosion-deterring boardwalks and bridges. Read more here.
In addition, we have given $500 to ERTA (so far in 2009), toward their trail maintenance and trail building concerns.  View the letters.
Article in Ultrarunning Magazine (about FlatRock 50K), December 2009.
Article in Ultrarunning Magazine (about Psycho Psummer), October 2009.
Article in TrailRunner Magazine, October 2009.
Article in TrailRunner Magazine, August 2009.
The June 2009 issue of Running Times has a great Trail Nerds article in it.  Article
Sophia Wharton and Ben Holmes got to run with Serge Roetheli, arguably the best endurance athlete of the last century.  Photos and explanation here.
The making of a Mud Babe: Ink KC Magazine Article
On NPR's nationally syndicated show, "Only a Game," New Jersey resident, Edwin Apel was interviewed on April 19,2009. Apel goes for distance, and he’s sure covered a lot of ground since he’s started running. He is running marathons in all 50 states and in all 7 continents. The host talks with Apel about his passion to run 26.2 miles and ultramarathons, and his "toughest race ever," our own Psycho Wyco Run Toto Run.
Carolyn's Fabulous Pitch Article: Pitch
Best Jog: Wyandotte County Lake Park

Newspaper Article - Running Dirty

Kokopelli Trail 140-mile Run, May 2011

Kyle Amos & Ben Holmes on the Walt Bodine Show:

July 2, 2008.  Kyle and Ben answer questions and wax prolific about trail and ultra running on this popular local radio show. 

This show takes a look at a different kind of distance running as a growing number of people are moving off the pavement and onto the trails. Meet two runners who embrace trail running over distances up to 100 miles. Hear why they prefer this particular form and what makes them run these "ultra" distances. 1-hour long. 


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My Nipples Hurt
There's nothing that rubs endurance athletes more wrong than raw nipples. Today on Endurance Planet, a Bad Ben's Chronicles edition, we hear from the head trail nerd about how athletes can avoid chafing on those long training runs and races.
Bad Ben's Chronicles: The Nipple Report



Mentioned in the Kansas Trails Council Newsletter:
"Wet conditions have also affected scheduled trail events. Race organizers from the KC Trail Nerds had scheduled the first “Pod Trod” run for early June. This unique event was to be the first race without a printed course map or trail markings. Race participants would use their iPods to obtain directions and other instructions for the race. But the weather struck again a few days before the race and the trails turned from pretty wet to very soggy. Race officials considered the damage which the trails would have sustained and decided to postpone the race. We hope many area runners will support the rescheduled event to show their appreciation for this example of responsible trail stewardship."
And thanks to The Kansas City Trail Nerds for their generous “Friend of the Trail” donation to the Clinton North Shore Trails!
- Mike Goodwin, from June (2008) Kansas Trails Council Newsletter:

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