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14 Tips For Running In The Rain

When it comes to running, a lot of us are what we call fair-weather runners. We don’t run in the rain.

But then there are those we idolize, who will tie their shoelaces and pound the sidewalks no matter the weather.

Rain be damned, they are out there running their legs off. 

14 Tips for Running in the rain

Some argue that running in the rain has fantastic benefits. Besides feeling as if you are in an Adele music video, you might not know the wonders of running in the rain.

Perhaps you have had enough of waiting for a sunny day to run or want to learn more about running in the rain. 

Whatever the reason that brought you here today, we will give you 14 fantastic tips for running in the rain that are sure to enhance your running game! Usain Bolt, who?

Water is wet! 

That’s the age-old debate settled! All jokes aside, running in the rain does mean you are going to get wet. Our first tip to achieve a great run in the rain is to accept that you will get wet.

There is no getting around it; whether it is a fine rain or it’s pouring, you will get wet! 

Dress appropriately

Tip number two is to consider your running outfit carefully! While layering and waterproof jackets might seem like a good idea and a way to ensure you stay dry, it might not be the best option.

Lots of layers and the unbreathable fabric will cause you to overheat on your run, not good! After all, you don’t want to be carrying your jacket for most of your run, do you?

A long-sleeved top and shorts will usually suffice. Unless it is cold, then get your legs covered and cozy! It's a good idea to avoid cotton, but opt for fabrics that will allow the water to roll off instead!

A good tip is to look for sweat-resistant clothing, which will help reduce the liquid the clothing absorbs. 

An essential part of your outfit will be your socks. Wet feet are the worst mood killer, so avoid cotton socks. Cotton will absorb the water and leave with you with wet squidgy feet. 

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It’s all in the footwear

Speaking of socks, your shoes are also a vital part of a successful run in the rain.

Wearing the wrong shoes can impact your performance and safety while running, which is why tip number 3 is to check your trainers carefully. 

You will want running shoes that have deep grooves. These will channel through the water on the roads or sidewalk to ensure you have grip as you run.

Little grooves or grips can increase your risk of slipping or falling on wet surfaces. They will also slow you down, impacting your performance. 

Pockets are protection

Most of us run with an electronic device, whether it's a phone, iPod, or smartwatch. We like to be entertained and track our performance.

These devices can get water damaged easily, so let's consider how we can protect our devices for our fourth tip.

A long sleeve will offer protection to most smartwatches, which feature a degree of water resistance. 

For other devices, consider wearing clothes with sealable pockets. These will offer a layer of protection between the device and the rain to ensure it remains dry and safe.

You could also consider a sealable bag that you could run with; a fanny pack is an excellent option, with water-resistant ones not costing too much either! 

Are hats in again?

Did they ever leave? That’s right; tip number 5 is to wear a hat!

A brimmed cap such as a baseball cap will work to keep the rain off your face, even during torrential downpours or windy days. 

Wearing a hat can also help keep the sun out of your eyes and prevent sunburn on the days when the sun is shining. On these days, be sure to apply some SPF to visible areas of your skin too! 

For those days where it's cold and rainy, and you have still decided to run, a thick hat is going to be your friend. Not only will it keep your head warm, but it will stop the rain from hitting your face too.

Some people wear a fleece headband over their hats, too, keeping them in place on windy runs! You can do this, or a clip will also work to keep your hat firmly on your head. 

Visibility is key!

Coming in at tip 6 is a safety tip, and that is to stay visible! When it rains, the day can seem a lot darker, thanks to those pesky dark clouds! It is vital on these darker days that you can be seen, especially if you are running on the road. 

Opt for some brightly colored or neon running kit so that cars can see you as they drive past. A reflective jacket or stripe on your clothing can also help here!

If you are running with your dog, consider a reflective dog jacket too. Not only will this offer them protection from the rain, but it increases your visibility and safety while you run. 

Extra! Extra! 

Halfway through the list, and tip number 7 is a good one! Pack an extra pair of socks! Wet socks and wet feet are the bane of our lives.

The horrible squelch and feeling of puddles pooling by your toes are one we can’t often avoid on long runs or hikes. 

But take an extra pair of socks with you, and if the rain stops mid-run, swap into the second pair. It will make the rest of your run a little more comfortable without weighing you down.

You could also bring a small towel to dry off your toes and soak up some of the water in your running shoes. 


The devil itself is unavoidable when running. So, for tip number 8, we have some solutions for the demon that is chafing!

Applying some Vaseline to your heels can help avoid or reduce chafing while you run. For extra protection, you can add plasters to your heel or commonly affected areas. 

For longer runs, usually, the nipples or stomach can chafe when rubbing against your clothing so consider protecting these areas too.

If it happens to be hot and raining, Vaseline will be helpful here too! 

What route?

Now that you are correctly kitted out for the weather, tip number 9 is to consider your running route.

When running in the rain, it is best to avoid slippery areas such as river crossings, mud, and uneasy terrains. 

In these cases, run on roads that are well-drained and are well-lit, especially when running in the dark. 

If you are running at fast speeds or interval training, it might be worth considering the dreadmill, sorry, treadmill.

It’s not everyone's favorite, but you will be able to work at your desired speed without slipping or falling in a puddle!

Consider sticking on your favorite playlist or a TV show to avoid feeling like a hamster in a wheel. 

Know when it’s treadmill time

Tip number 10 builds on what we just mentioned. There are times when you have to accept that your run is better suited to a treadmill than the wet streets of your town or city.

There is a range of treadmill programs available to follow that can make the experience more enjoyable. 

Whether it is at your local gym or a treadmill at home, it can be the safer and drier option to consider! 

Watch the floor!

For tip number 11, we strongly recommend keeping an eye on where you run. This is important whenever you run, but more so when running in the rain! 

Puddle jumping, dodging running water, and burst drains will become second nature after a few rainy runs! Until then, avoid slippery areas such as rocks, river crossings, and stairs.

You may need to adjust your running route, but why not find a new scenic and safe route for your evening run?

Get changed ASAP 

Once you have braved your outdoor run, well done, you; when you come home, our 12th tip is to get changed straight away!

Remove the wet clothes, shower if needed, and dry yourself thoroughly.

Change into some warm and dry clothes, as staying in wet clothes will lower your body temperature and leave you vulnerable to hypothermia! 

If you are at a race or event, it's a good idea to bring a waterproof bag with a change of clothes. You can change quickly and store your wet clothes in the bag. A good idea to bring a warm jacket too to keep your body temperature up. 

It’s all in your head!

As we near the end of our list, let's consider our mindset. For tip number 13, you might need to change it. Running in the rain is an entirely different experience, and it is perfectly normal for your performance to be different. 

You are going to have great runs, and you are going to have not so great runs.

The important thing is that you ran. A bad run is infinitely better than no run. Try to see the positives after a run, even if it was only 10 minutes and was your worst time ever.

You are still better off than had you watched telly in those ten minutes. 

Have fun! 

To finish off, tip number 14 is a nice one, go out and enjoy yourself! It’s raining, and yes, that is miserable, but go out and make the most of it!

Have a splash, get your favorite song or podcast on and enjoy yourself! Why not get some friends together and have a group run?

Motivate each other and remind yourselves how nice dry clothes and a warm drink will feel when you get in! 

Final word

And that brings us to the end of our tips today!  We hope you found them helpful and better prepared for running in the rain.

Be sure to invest in some good quality running clothes, particularly your shoes, and approach your rainy run with a positive attitude! After all, if anyone can run in the rain, it’s you! 


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