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35 Best Running Blogs To Follow

When it comes to running, sometimes doing it solo just isn’t enough. If you take your two-legged jaunts seriously, then you might want to join a local community running group.

However, sometimes you want to connect with a global running community - this is where running blogs come in handy.

Running blogs are curated by individuals or groups and can provide you with a wide range of personal or professional information on the sport.

Each blog leans in one direction or the other, emphasizing either health, science or how running affects the body. Other blogs will be personal, making a story out of their running experiences.

There might be many reasons that you want to get involved in the running scene - you might need that extra bit of encouragement to get started, you could want to compare your running times with others from around the world, or you could want general advice on how to improve your running.

Some of these blogs are aimed at different demographics, there are a few blogs on this list that are aimed at women, others are self-deprecating blogs that are aimed at ‘fat’ people, although they are really just conversational-style blogs that will help you lose weight.

But what are the best blogs currently out there for running? What should you look for in a blog that will give you everything you want to know about running? Are you looking for a story or tips on how to warm up before a run? Which one promotes science over storytelling and vice versa?

Well, runners the world over won’t have to worry any longer, as we’ve got a list of the 35 best running blogs you can find on the internet, giving you an in-depth summary of what they do and why you should go visit them. So grab your running gear and let’s get reading!

Runner’s World is one of the most popular running blogs currently out there, with thousands of subscribers flooding to a website that gives you plenty of professional advice on running, as well as news from the running world and product reviews. This blog has a very large and experienced team of writers, a lot of whom are running coaches.

Some of the articles include whether or not you should run without a cold as well as how long it takes for your to get out of shape. This is the one-stop-shop that you need for all professional running advice, it also sells running gear and accessories, as well as having videos that will help you develop core strength to improve your running.

This next website is great for developing your knowledge of how to train for marathons, as well as giving you plenty of nutritional advice that will optimize your muscles and give you enough energy to complete those long distances.

You can also download an app that will contain running challenges and training advice through tutorials, videos and articles.

The interface of the running experience app is very easy to use, allowing you to negotiate an injury prevention programme. You can also improve your mental fitness when you’re out on those long runs, as this is one of the most important aspects of pushing yourself that extra mile.

The demographic of this next blog will be obvious from the title, with plenty of well-researched articles aimed at female runners.

It has running news for women all over the globe, along with training advice that will optimize a women’s body for all different sorts of running.

A lot of the articles include how running when sleep deprived won’t help to maintain your energy levels and how eating protein before you go to bed will give you the best results for your morning run.

There are also stories that are centered around various holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, with various feel-good testimonies from women whose lives have been improved by running.

This next blog is owned by a world-famous runner, who helps intermediate level runners with taking their running game to the next level.

If you are planning on doing a couch to 5k, then this website is crammed full of tips that you can use to boost your enthusiasm and help you with those arduous training sessions.

This next blog is one dedicated to increasing the motivation of people who might find it difficult to even get out of the door to start their daily run.

It is curated by Laura Fountain who herself couldn’t run that far before immersing herself in the world of running and has to date completed 12 marathons.

The Hungry Runner Girl is a website that is managed by Janae, who has loved running since she was a child and wants to share her tips, diets and gear recommendations with the running community.

This blog is very relatable, as Janae often incorporates her life into the blog, talking about how running affects the interactions with her family.

Let’s Get Running is a blog that was established by Shawn Dixon, who uses his website to encourage companies to, in turn, encourage their employees to run together in a weekly run club, which Shawn argues encourages productivity and helps with concentration at the workplace.

Employees can upload their progress and pictures on the company website.

Strength Running is a very professional website that aims to cover every single aspect of running, from nutrition to training to warm-up exercises.

The aim of this blog is to increase motivation around running, showing runners how to prevent injury and where they can buy the best running-related products on the market.

As you might have guessed from the titles of this blog, it is a website aimed at older runners who might be struggling to stay in shape.

This has plenty of articles written by female runners, covering topics such as running with the menopause and the Women’s 100k championships.

This is the perfect place to go if you are an older female runner.

Ben Parkes is a marathon runner, a blog owner and a businessman that has a real passion for all things running.

Not only does his sleek website have plenty of informative articles on the world of running, but he takes some of the most amazing photographs of his adventures around the world!

This slightly tongue-in-cheek website is aimed at larger women who want to stay fit and know all the health benefits of running.

It comes with plenty of inspirational stories that will help larger women get motivated. It also comes with plenty of tutorials and a TED Talk from the blog’s founder.

This very simply-named website actually has plenty of in-depth advice for running that certainly will help you get into shape.

If you sign up to this website, you’ll get a simple running template that will allow you to shape your workout to suit you.

The blog also offers coaching and speaking sessions from James himself.

If you’re committed to a vegetable-only diet that is free of meat and dairy and you need to prove to the world that a vegan diet can give you enough energy to run a marathon, then this is the blog for you.

Holding a Vegan runner sports day and an annual AGM, you can connect with Vegan fitness fanatics around the world, trading testimonies and diet advice.

Using her determined and dedicated personality, Brina provides all the articles that you need for running in her easy-to-negotiate website.

Whether it is the best tips for running with your dog, the best calcium supplements for running to the 10 best stretches that you’ll need to do before starting a marathon, Brina tackles running with plenty of enthusiasm and informativeness.

This blog is dedicated to addressing some of the challenges of running, with a core mantra that fitness should be fun, that you should always be aiming to beat your old scores and that you should approach running with a focussed mindset.

This blog offers you a coaching session, as well as many articles on writing by the author.

This blog is one that is dedicated to helping women connect and giving them the resources they need to improve their mental and physical wellbeing.

The ethos of this blog is that there are no winners or losers and that ‘no woman is left behind’. This is perfect if you want to connect with a global community of women who are into fitness.

Belle’s pretty pink website is another one that is aimed at women who are into the wonderful world of running, giving them plenty of reasons to get into shape.

There are reviews of various races around the world, with plenty of pro-healthy eating tips that should boost your energy levels before you go out on the tarmac.

Ali is a runner, a podcast host and a blogger who has set up this website to give you everything that you need to know for your fitness needs.

Ali has a podcast in which she interviews various fitness experts and former athletes about running, mining them for their wisdom and their tips for getting the most out of your running.

This blog has been started by Charlie Watson, whose goal is the encourage the overall fitness of the population through exercise and healthy eating.

She aims to make your goals realistic and the training and dietary requirements very practical. This is a great website for those who want less of the technical, scientific side of running.

This next blog is one that might seem academic, but it actually contains a very personal and friendly approach, with a website that has been awarded numerous blog awards for women runners.

The website is run by Emma and she recounts her personal experiences with running, listing her personal bests and discussing workout journeys with subscribers.

This might seem like a blog that is solely dedicated to food and diet, but it does have a fitness section, the website itself being run by a registered dietitian and runner.

There are plenty of tips and testimonies shared on this website, with lots of professional advice laid out in a very easy-to-understand manner.

Dr. Nick’s running blog is a more professional and comprehensive guide to running, giving you all the technical and medical information that you need about how running affects your body.

It covers all aspects of running, from the best shoes for running to how to manage your injuries.

Runtastic covers a lot of the different elements within running, helping you to develop a perfect cardio workout, along with a diet that will boost your energy for those daily workouts.

Trail Sisters is another attempt to get a community of women together to help female runners become motivated and stay informed about fitness.

This blog is dedicated to all things running, from finding the right shoes for the shape of your foot, to updates about running competitions across the globe.

This is ideal for those that want to remain actively involved in the running community.

This blog is maintained by a certified running coach who has been writing about running and diet for a number of years.

Laura Norris has been active in the running community and has a lot of valuable advice to impart to competitive and casual runners.

Flora has always struggled with maintaining her physical and mental health, so she established a blog to chart her ups and downs with running with the aim of putting herself, and hopefully her visitors in a better frame of mind.

This is the perfect website if you’re a mom and struggling to balance your hectic schedule with your fitness.

This blog has plenty of tips that will help moms who don’t want their only run to be the school run!

This blog is run by a holistic health coach who challenged herself to run a marathon and ended up completing over 50 half marathons!

This is the perfect website for those who are struggling to motivate themselves and want an uplifting narrative.

This is a blog that blends objective fitness advice with personal testimony, with the website’s author Allie, giving you everything she knows on running, sharing her own trials and tribulations with training and maintaining her physical health.

The owner of this blog has trained many pro-athletes to success at the Olympics, offering fitness consultancy to only the very best.

This is a great way to get professional advice on running, from how to run with an injury to which is the best way to optimize your body for running.

This blog is maintained by a pro physiologist and athlete who has years of experience in the one-on-one coaching field, giving you plenty of modern techniques and wisdom on how to stay healthy and fit.

There is plenty to digest here, from racing reviews to tips on the best gear to buy.

Named after the blogger’s penchant for sweet treats, this is a website aimed to provide fitness inspiration, as well as tips on proper form in running and how to get yourself off the couch and into your first marathon.

You can get stronger and increase your stamina with this website, with detailed tutorials on how to fix muscular imbalances.

Rich Roll is an endurance athlete that has plenty of advice for competitive and casual runners on how to get the most out of their workouts.

He gives very well thought out fitness techniques and diet tips, as well as some of his past addiction issues.

Our final blog is one for those runners who want to take their fitness seriously, perhaps running on a daily basis.

This website comes packed with running information, from gear recommendations to reviews on some of the best running books on the market.


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