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5 Best Reflective Running Jackets

The sun has gone down. Shadows have encompassed the surrounding streets to leave a blanket of darkness.

Although the moon sparkles in the sky giving some sort of light to the world below, it isn’t enough to light you up on your after-work runs. 

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, you will have less time to run in the daylight. Your usual running gear will now need some accessories for you to run safely in darker circumstances.

Reflective jackets are vital when you’re running in darker conditions. You need to remain visible to oncoming traffic, pedestrians, and a whole host of other road users.

Instead of giving up on your daily runs, the advent of a reflective jacket into your routine will allow for running just as safely as in daylight hours.

High-visibility jackets don’t just keep you visible to other road users but they can protect you from the colder weather that comes with the night.

If you’re unsure of what the best reflective jackets are, we have you covered. To keep you visible and safe when out and about, we have researched the top 5 reflective running jackets and weighed up their pros and cons to help you decide.

Our FAQs section will also answer any queries that you may still have after reading our reviews.

Want to go for an evening run as soon as possible? Here is our top pick to get you up and running!


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At number one is one of the leaders in the reflective sports apparel industry, Proviz.

Known for making high-quality reflective gear for running and cycling, their 360 silver reflective jacket continues this trend.

This jacket has a 100% reflective design for increased visibility whether you’re walking, running, or cycling at night.

We love the waterproof design this jacket has making it an ideal option for winter running. 

You will be protected from all the elements nature will throw at you so you can just focus on your run and enjoy yourself. The rain will never be an obstacle again!


  • 100% reflective design providing increased visibility in low light conditions
  • Completely waterproof to protect you from nature’s harsher elements
  • Made with underarm ventilation for more breathability and less sweat
  • Includes an adjustable waist to fit most sizes


  • Zips in the reflective body can become detached if not used with care


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This GORE WEAR C3 jacket is lightweight and packable with superb reflective details to keep you visible in low light.

Apart from its reflectiveness, the main selling point of this jacket is its supreme waterproof design.

Whatever the weather, GORE-TEX Active Technology will protect you and keep you dry by absorbing any moisture.

The insulation in this jacket is outstanding and perfect for colder climates. It may be a little too cozy for warmer climates, however.

Its extended back will protect you from the cold as well as stop the jacket from riding up as you run.

The reflective details are seen on the shoulders, upper chest, and lower back for great levels of visibility.


  • Includes GORE-TEX Active Technology to protect you against wind and rain
  • Comes with an adjustable waistband for a tighter fit as you run
  • The cuffs have velcro straps that you can adjust depending on certain weather conditions


  • Its excellent insulation may be too warm if you live in a warmer climate


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Next up is the super-lightweight BALEAF Cycling and Running jacket.

Its featherweight material provides excellent wind protection and water resistance for you to run safely in all conditions.

This jacket is unique with the option of Zip-off sleeves to convert the jacket into a vest for warmer climates.

This BALEAF jacket has yellow fluorescent reflectors on the front and back to keep you highly visible at all times. Its ventilation system is exceptional with Direct-Vent panels on the rear of the jacket for sufficient air circulation when you’re getting a sweat on.

A large zip pocket can be found on the back as well as two hand pockets to store valuables such as your smartphone.

Multifunctional and breathable, this jacket has the whole package for a safe and comfortable run at all times of the day.


  • One large-sized pocket and two hand pockets allow you to store valuable items when out running or walking
  • Great ventilation system to increase airflow and prevent any build-up of sweat
  • Multipurpose with the option to convert it from a wind jacket into a vest with detachable sleeves


  • The armpit zippers can have too much resistance making it hard to unzip at times


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The WOSAWE Packable jacket will protect your body from winds and light moisture as well as keep you visible throughout dimly lit runs.

You can adjust the drawstring hood to combat winds or you can zip it into the collar pocket when it isn’t needed.

As the name suggests, you can just pack the whole jacket into a rear pocket for easy storage and portability.

There are 4 reflective strips situated on the chest and back to ensure motorists see you at all times and 2 zipped ventilated pockets to store items in and keep you cool on runs.

With an elastic waist and adjustable cuffs, this WOSAWE jacket has all you need for a safe and enjoyable run.


  • Includes a hood to protect you against wind and rain
  • Fully packable into a small back pocket for easy storage and portability
  • Ventilated pockets to keep items safe as well as help airflow for cooler runs


  • Has a very small hip area and may not fit larger body types


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This Przewalski reflective jacket offers excellent levels of breathability and windproof material to keep you fresh and protected.

You will benefit from great ventilation under the arms and wick moisture helps to drive perspiration away from the body.

The Przewalski running jacket comes with a reflective brand logo and back stripes to keep you safe in the darkness.

It is suitable for light rain but you may need a professional raincoat for heavier showers. 

A front zipper pocket will hold your items safely along with two rear pockets for smaller items such as keys or snacks.


  • Offers superb breathability with ventilation under the arms
  • Drives perspiration away from the body to keep you fresh
  • Large front zipper pocket to hold valuables in as well as two smaller back pockets


  • Sizes can differ so you may need to purchase a size bigger than usual for optimum comfort

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for in a good running jacket?

There are 5 main factors to consider when looking for a top-quality running jacket. These are:

  • Its venting and breathability - Mesh under the arms and pockets for increased airflow
  • Its weather resistance - Water and wind-repellant
  • Its reflectiveness
  • The material it’s made from - 100% polyester, Gore-Tex, or nylon
  • Its durability - Check the seams and stitching for long-lasting use

How important is reflective gear for running?

Even if you are running in the daytime, reflective gear or bright fluorescent colors should always be worn.

It ensures you are always visible to traffic and other road users to keep you safe at all times.

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