Hello there, and welcome to Psycho Wyco, your new stop for all your running needs! Suzie here, the oldest and wisest of the two! I am a married mother with two small children and a cheeky cat, Milo. I started running after I had my second child as a way to shift some baby weight. At first, I hated it. No, I would have to drag myself down the street, moaning under my breath. It took a while, but the love of running came. Now I can chase after my children and feel fitter and healthier than ever before! But while I was searching for new trainers or a good running route, many reviews and sites seemed tailored to men. Not only did it annoy me, but it made me wonder, is there a gap in the market? I wanted to create a safe space online that was inclusive to everyone, so I convinced fitness fanatic, Lizzie to join me and create Psycho Wyco to empower others to feel comfortable and confident about running.

What are the 8 Different Types of Running Workouts?

In order for your training to be most effective, you need to mix up your training style.  Including a lot of different running workouts in your training will increase your endurance, improve your aerobic capacity, and strengthen your cardiovascular system.Regularly switching between running styles will also prevent you from developing overuse injuries. This will also …

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