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Does Running Make your Butt Bigger?

When taking up a new fitness hobby or are thinking about running, you are probably wondering how your body will change. It’s a valid question and one we will all have; after all, as our body changes and muscles tone, we can expect to see physical changes. 

One of them is our butt. Will it get bigger? Will it get smaller? What impact running will have on your bum is a vital question, and one everyone has, from novices to experts, so let’s find out what running does to your behind!

We will be answering all your butt-related questions to help you on your running journey!

Does running make your butt bigger?

While regular running will tone your entire body and bum, it will not make your bum bigger. You will see a difference in your butt, you might notice it is more toned, but the size should not dramatically change.

Instead of increasing your size, the shape of your bum might change instead. As your muscles tone and become more defined, you may notice a slight change of form; for example, it might become more round and have that desired peachy shape. 

Unless you specifically train your glutes, you are unlikely to see your bum get any bigger. Training your glute muscles with weights or squats will see your bum increase in size and muscle tone and become more defined. 

You won’t need to necessarily use weights to define your bum and see an increase in size and definition. Deep squats or other glute exercises will help make your butt larger and help develop your muscles. 

Some people might notice an increase in your butt size if you currently have a very small and slender behind. As running changes your body’s shape, it may appear larger, giving the appearance of a bigger butt!

On the whole, though, you are unlikely to experience a bigger butt from running. 

Does running tone your butt?

Yes, running does tone your butt! Whether you are running a few times a week or daily, running will strengthen your glutes and tone the muscles in your butt. Running is a cardiovascular endurance sport that will improve your overall aerobic endurance, as well as boosting your glutes and muscles in your butt. 

The type of running you are doing will impact how your body is toned, though, and it's best to be aware of these when running. Distance running isn’t very glute dominant, so you would need to incorporate other exercises into your routine to train your butt. Training your glutes is vital for runners; after all, you will need strong glutes to push through tough distances.

Sprinting, on the other hand, uses your glutes and will tone your butt. It works with a different muscle group than distance running, using short bursts of energy to achieve those fast running speeds.

You can expect your butt to be toned, although the extent will depend on the amount of running and other exercises that you have incorporated into your exercise routine!

What exercises will tone my butt?

Squats are excellent exercises that will tone your butt! There is a range of different squats that you can incorporate into your routine, with or without weights that can tone your butt. Back squats, Sumo Squats, Bulgarian Squat with Slamball, and Squat Jump Tap’s are some of the most popular. 

Low and deep squats are a firm favorite, but ensure that you keep your back straight to avoid causing any physical pain. When it comes to squatting, your form is vital! Be sure to practice your technique and consult a  professional if you are concerned about your form.

Other exercises that will tone your butt are side-lying raise, bridges, one-leg kickbacks, and lunges. As always, be sure that your form is correct when using these exercises. Consult a trainer or a wealth of tutorials online to ensure that you are toning your butt correctly!

Does running make your butt smaller?

At times, yes, running can make your butt smaller. If you are running regularly, exercising frequently, and eating a healthy and balanced diet, you will likely lose weight and notice that your whole body, not just your butt, will be smaller. 

If you are losing weight due to running, your butt will shrink in size and become smaller. However, the difference might not be that significant, or the shape of your butt will change instead. 

As we mentioned earlier, the type of running can impact the shape and size of your butt. Generally speaking, distance running can make your butt smaller compared to sprinting.

However, if running is only part of your exercise routine, then consider what else you are doing and how they could change the size of your butt. For example, if you train your glutes often, it is unlikely that running will make your butt smaller. 


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