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Best Running Underwear to Prevent Chafing for Men and Women

When it comes to exercising, comfort and support are two of the major factors that you’ll be wanting.

Having underwear that doesn’t protect your thighs against chafing will really impede your workout, causing you not an insignificant amount of pain in the process.

Also, having underwear that is breathable and won’t constrict you is very important.

Often in the case of exercising underwear, it’s either less is more or having material that is stretchy enough to support but not restrict the movements in your thighs.

Having the right material is key, giving you enough flexibility to be able to perform those high kicks in gymnastics or keep your thighs covered during running.

Obviously, men and women have different requirements when it comes to exercise - men will require more support in the groin region, whereas women will want something that is more breathable with less constrictive material.

Usually, women will want to opt for something like thongs or panties that won’t tear or rip, offering modest sweat absorption.

Having underwear that won’t ride up will also be important for ensuring no riding up or chafing. This is all in the design of the underwear itself, with many well-established sports clothing brands having plenty of clothing that will have been created by the best sportsmen, sports designers and athletes in the world.

But where can you find the best running underwear to prevent chafing for men and women? What features should running underwear have to give you the best comfort and support for running? What is the most absorbent and stretchy material for sports underwear? How much can you be expected to pay for a pair of running underwear?

Well, running enthusiasts won’t have to worry about using their everyday underwear for much longer, as we have compiled an in-depth list of some of the most durable, breathable and reliable underpants currently on the market.

We also have a buyer’s guide that will really help you tell the difference between good underwear and bad underwear.

Finally, we’re going to round off our article with some frequently asked questions that will hopefully allay any concerns that you might have before shelling out a few extra dollars on this specially designed pair of running underwear.

As the old saying goes, ladies first...


GNEPH Low Rise Seamless Thong Women Underwear Stretch Invisible Bikini Thongs Panties Multipack (Black, XL)

Our first pair of ladies’ underwear is one designed by a brand you might never have heard of, but they have already garnered a reputation amongst Amazon users for having some of the best sporting underwear for women on the market.

These thongs are soft and extremely comfortable, molding themselves to the shape of your thighs, giving you the best in terms of breathability and durability - introducing the GNEPH Womens Underwear Thongs.

These thongs are made from 86% nylon and 14% spandex, so they will be stretchy enough to move to your natural gait, not cutting into your thighs like the more formal thongs do.

You’ll almost feel like you aren’t even wearing a thong when you’re out running in these. They are ‘laser-cut’, which will reduce pinching and keep your underwear close to your body.

A lot of users have given this thong rave reviews, especially those women who embark upon long-distance runs, giving you the freest workouts that you can imagine.

The material of this thong will easily absorb excessive sweat, which is usually one of the first signs of chafing which can cut short a long-distance run.


  • The material - this thong is both stretchy and snug, pressing close to your skin and giving you that super spray-on texture that you’ll be certain will keep you running for those extra few miles.
  • This thong uses less material and will not feel restrictive around the thighs or buttocks - allowing you to run freely, letting you concentrate on your breathing rather than any cutting sensations in your legs.
  • This will reduce chafing by some margin, with breathable nylon materials that will allow body heat to disperse better through the clothing.
  • This underwear will absorb all the excess sweat and has been the thong that is most recommended for long-distance running by users and sports experts.


  • The price - considering the lack of material that you get with this thong, you might be slightly reluctant to pay more than a few dollars for it. However, it is the unique design and the unique materials that you’ll be paying for. Quality not quantity!


New Balance Women's Premium Performance Logo Elastic Hipster 3 Pack - Black/White/Pigment, Small

This next pair of women’s underwear is made by New Balance, a brand that will already be familiar to female runners across the world.

This is a company that is known for creating reliable and resilient sports clothing and this pair of undergarments are no different - introducing the New Balance Women’s Premium Performance Logo Elastic Hipster.

This underwear, much like the last pair, is made from a mixture of nylon and spandex, resulting in a stretchy and flexible band that will absorb plenty of moisture from in between your thighs - the area where chafing occurs and it becomes most uncomfortable! It has a lower elastic waistband that won’t cut into your stomach.

This has a seamless design that boasts having no sides, which means that it will not chafe the outside of your legs.

Remember that chafing occurs when sweat and friction are at their most increased, resulting in soreness around the upper portion of the thighs. Having underwear that is breathable and light will be very important for increasing your performance.


  • The style - this ‘hipster-style’ of underwear is not only very snug and lightweight, but it is also very stylish. You probably won’t mind wearing these casually before and after your run either.
  • The design - the seamless element of these pants will reduce chafing around the upper thighs, resulting in a more comfortable and therefore longer run.
  • This has a low hanging waistband that won’t cut into your stomach or result in chafing around the midriff, which a lot of long-distance runners experience.
  • The blend of fabrics results in underwear that absorbs excess moisture that can often plague the long-distance runner, giving you plenty of mileage to get ahead in the running game.


  • Some users have complained that this underwear tends to ride up at the back during longer runs, which might be an issue for people who want to go that extra mile.


Under Armour Women's UA Pure Stretch Thong

This next set of underwear is another by a very well-known sportswear brand, making underwear for the female runners that are lightweight, breathable and stretches to the natural movement of the body.

This is made from a nylon and elastane weave, with moisture-wicking properties that will keep your underside nice and dry - introducing the Under Armour Women’s Pure Stretch Thong.

This thong has been designed with a seamless design that will certainly mean that you won’t have to worry about it cutting into your thighs or chafing during a longer run.

It will also not give you any panty lines, which might not be particularly troublesome, but might not look that great if you plan on changing and conducting a social event after your workout.

These panties have moisture-wicking properties, so you can be sure that they will absorb most of the excess moisture that can gather in the folds and cause significant chafing.

This thong is perfect for freedom of movement, especially if you’re engaging in long-distance running.


  • The moisture-wicking properties - this thong is made from materials that are specifically designed for comfort and breathability, with plenty of room to maneuver your thighs and maintain your flexibility.
  • This underwear is perfect not only for running but also yoga, allowing you to stretch your legs as far as your can without any resistance.
  • This is made with a unique blend of nylon and elastane, the combination of which will absorb sweat and allow heat to disperse from your body and into the air.
  • Not only are these thongs practical, but they are very stylish - you might not feel so bad in the changing rooms about showing this underwear off to your workout friends.


  • Some women have reported that their underwear has come apart after only a few months of intensive use. This won’t be very useful for women who might not have the time to keep buying underwear regularly.


adidas Men's Sport Performance Mesh Trunk Underwear (2-Pack), Urban Sky/Bold Blue Bold Blue/Urban Sky, Small

Now we’re moving onto the best male underwear to prevent chafing, starting with the brand Adidas, world-famous for making top-quality sports gear.

These pants come in a wide variety of colors, so if you want to change up your wardrobe every workout, then you can - introducing the Adidas Men’s Sport Performance ClimaCool Trunk Underwear.

This underwear has durable seams that will actually prevent bunching and riding up at the back, giving you plenty of assurance that you can push your body further without getting sidetracked by nagging itches or material digging into flesh. This has a double-lined pouch that will give you a great amount of support when you’re out running.

If you are a man who engages in a lot of long-distance running, then having underwear that will be able to keep you both dry and comfortable will be incredibly important.

These pants are made from a mixture of nylon and spandex, making them both breathable and stretchy, with a tagless waistband that won’t itch and irritate.


  • These underpants have a solid inseam that discourages riding up, perfect if you like to push yourself for miles and miles.
  • The mixture of polyester and spandex will ensure that you have both support and give in the areas where you need it the most. If you are planning on repetitively bouncing, then you’ll need to make sure that your underwear cups you in the groin to prevent injury.
  • You’ll be cool and comfortable in these pants for the long-term, with moisture-wicking properties that will absorb all the excess moisture that can accumulate in the areas where skin rubs against skin.
  • The choice - you can pick any color that suits your personality, if you’re conscious about what you look like in the changing rooms, then we would recommend that you pick up this varied brand.


  • A lot of users have said that these pants actually fit a lot smaller than the size indicated on the website. This might mean that you have to go a size larger than you normally wear.


New Balance Men's Mesh Air Cool 6' Boxer Brief, No Fly, with Pouch (Pack of 2), Pigment/Cadet, Small (29-31')

These are another pair of underwear that you can buy in many different colors, coming from the trustworthy New Balance range, with hundreds of positive reviews for this specifical model of underwear.

These are a great pair of underwear for long-distance running or endurance exercise - introducing the New Balance Men’s Mesh Air Cool 6-inch Boxer Brief.

This has sweat-removal technology built into it, with seams that will prevent your underwear from riding up during an intensive workout.

These are a very lightweight pair of pants, giving you the ability to stretch it out in the groin and the thighs, both of which are very important when it comes to running.

It has a fly front in the pouch, which is great if you are running in the great outdoors and feel the need to heed the call of nature and want quick and easy access.

The sweat-wicking qualities of this underwear are also great, it will keep dry for a lot longer, which is crucial for having comfort over a longer period of time.


  • Zero sweat accumulation - that’s right, this underwear will not grow damp, which not only increases the comfort but will also reduce nasty odors.
  • These pants will reduce your temperature, spreading any excess body heat over a larger surface area, dispersing it much quicker.
  • The mixture of polyester and spandex makes it softer against the skin and extremely stretchy, which will help during longer running sessions where flexibility is key.
  • Coming in a wide range of colors, you can have a different pair to match at different times of the day. The waistband is designed to secure firmly to the waist, but it will not cut into your skin.


  • Some users have complained that the stitching isn’t great and will soon succumb to the excess sweat and repeated stress of the thighs moving. This will definitely not be appealing to long-distance runners.


Fruit of the Loom mens Breathable Underwear Boxer Briefs, Boxer Brief - Cotton Mesh 3 Pack, Large US

Our final pair of underwear is manufactured by the famous brand Fruit Of The Loom, who have established themselves over the years as the premium underwear seller for men and this range is no different.

As suggested in the title, this underwear is breathable, with a silky feel that will reduce chafing drastically - introducing the Fruit Of The loom Men’s Breathable Underwear.

The construction of this underwear is plain and simple, coming in a straight down design that really is no-frills, giving you the best in support and flexibility around the thighs.

It is made from a combination of polyester and spandex, giving you the ability to be able to move your body unrestricted, allowing you to achieve record bests in terms of running.

This has a unique combination of polyester and spandex, making them both very soft and very stretchy, ideal for running faster for longer.

The functional fly in the front is also very important for those inevitable bathroom breaks. This is a pair of underwear that is perfectly designed for intensive and drawn-out sports.


  • These are some of the softest and most comfortable underpants on this list. If you want underwear that fits comfortably but not too tightly to the skin, then we would certainly recommend that you buy a pair like this.
  • This sports underwear comes incredibly well-reviewed with hundreds of positive comments on Amazon. When it comes to finding something that is of good quality, the testimonies of wearers is crucial.
  • This underwear has moisture-wicking qualities that will help keep you comfortable and dry during those long running sessions. It will also help to eliminate odors that tend to accumulate in these areas.
  • The spandex element helps to keep this underwear nice and flexible, working with rather than against your natural movement - you probably won’t even feel like you’re wearing underwear at all with this pair!


  • Some users have complained that the waistband on this underwear is far too tight and the seams on the legs and waist can cut into the skin when running, especially if you have bought the wrong size.

Best Running Underwear to Prevent Chafing for Men and Women Buying Guide

There are different things you’ll be looking for in both female and male underwear, owing to the divergent anatomy of the two different parties.

We’ll provide you with a short guide as to what to look for with each:

Things To Look For in Women’s Running Underwear:

  • Thongs or hiphugger - this will all depend on what level of comfort you prefer, with a thong having that ‘invisible’ style that will not feel restrictive.
  • Moisture-wicking - it’s important that during running, where there will be a large accumulation of sweat, that you’ll have underwear that is very absorbent.
  • The fabric - having something that is comfortable and smooth on the skin will be very important for reducing panty lines.
  • No seams - having fewer seams will reduce the amount of cutting and pinching that you can experience after a long time running.
  • Leakage - having protection against leakage will be very important, particularly amongst women who have had children and will want to avoid embarrassing stains or marks.

Things To Look For In Men’s Running Underwear:

  • Boxers or briefs - this will depend on how much freedom you’ll feel like you want to have around the legs, avoiding as much clinging material as possible.
  • Moisture-wicking - as with women’s underwear, you’ll want to make sure that your boxers or briefs absorb as much sweat as possible.
  • The fabric - you’ll want a comfortable fabric that is soft to the skin and won’t feel too abrasive after hours of long-distance running.
  • Snug fit - you’ll want to reduce the amount of pinching and gathering of skin in between the thighs.
  • Phone packet - having underwear that has a pocket built into the lining will be important if you want to carry your phone to track your distance or time the run.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Material For Running Underwear?

As you have seen from the list above, most manufacturers utilize a mixture of fabrics in order to achieve softness, durability and flexibility.

Polyester and nylon are the most popular, being very soft and pliable, they won’t cause an abrasiveness on the skin and will help you to absorb moisture over time.

Having materials such as spandex and elastane in the mix are also important for flexibility, as these materials will traditionally conform to the shape of your movements.

What Are The Best Designs For Running Underwear?

There are a few different designs of running underwear that will boost your performance, with material that sticks close to the skin, but not in a way that rubs or chafes.

You might also want to buy a pair of underwear that comes without seams or having seams that are durable enough so they won’t ride up and cause discomfort.

Women might want to opt for a thong when running, as these garments are very low on material, having a smaller surface area that will not absorb too much sweat.

Men who are runners traditionally have the options of boxers or briefs. Boxers will cover more of the thigh, helping to absorb moisture, and should cling nicely to the skin.

However, briefs might be a better option for running in warm conditions when wearing tight shorts.


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