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Does Running Reduce Breast Size?

Whether we are taking up a new hobby, exercise routine, or are just curious, we often wonder how our body will change.

As we all know, our bodies continue to change long after we have finished growing and puberty.

Does Running Reduce Breast Size?

Running is one exercise, where if done regularly, we notice dramatic changes in our bodies. Although we are champions of loving your body no matter how it looks, we can’t deny that we are curious about the changes it goes through.

One change, in particular, is breast size. As anyone with a larger chest will tell you, running can be painful and require sports bras (or, in some cases, multiple sports bras!), and it leaves us wondering what the result running will have on our chests. 

Thankfully, we have all the answers! We have taken your most asked running and breast-related questions and have the answers you need! Satisfy your curiosity here and find out what running does to your chest.

Does running reduce breast size?

Yes, running does reduce breast size if you are regularly running or carrying out other exercises. Although your breasts can shrink, it’s not just your breasts that will change when exercising and running. 

As you exercise, your body will burn calories and fat, and for those in a calorie deficit, you will see a weight loss that translates into smaller breasts or differences in your legs, stomach, or arms.

You might be wondering how you notice smaller breasts or legs, but your stomach has remained the same size. Your body isn’t playing favorites; that’s just how you burn your fat!

And as your breasts are essentially fat and fibrous tissues, they are fair game for your body to burn.

Some people notice a fat reduction in specific areas first, and there’s little science around this; our bodies all work in slightly different ways, burning fat as they see fit. 

Your shape and body can change when carrying out any exercise, and as running works your whole body, the changes can be seen everywhere!

Not everyone will notice a change in breast reduction, but many runners do report it. It’s better to consider running as reducing your overall body fat compared to spot reduction. 

It’s not the straightforward answer many of us would like, but you can expect to see a reduction in your overall body fat if your exercise and diet are putting you in a deficit, not just your breasts! 

How do you lose chest fat?

The best way to reduce chest fat is through a healthy diet and regular exercise. Not only will your chest reduce in size, but your whole body should see a reduction in fat for a toned body.

Remember that everyone’s body burns fat at different rates depending on your diet and the amount of exercise, so go at your own pace and avoid comparing yourself to others where possible!

You can do a range of exercises to lose chest fat ranging from HIIT(high intensity interval training) to strength training with weights.

We recommend a mixture of the two; incorporating cardio and some weight training into your routine will burn fat and calories and reduce your body's fat everywhere and in your chest!

You can use chest-specific activities, such as the chest press and pectoral activities will burn fat and work the muscles in your chest, leaving you with less fat and a toned and more defined chest. These activities are often recommended for those looking to uplift their breasts naturally, too! 

There are many tutorials online, or you can contact a personal trainer or your local gym for specialized advice and a tailored plan. Remember everyone is different, and if you want to burn fat and exercise, that is your choice and yours only! 

Why do runners have no breasts?

Professional runners such as marathon runners or Olympians tend to have smaller or flat chests as they will have a  low percentage of body fat.

As we saw earlier, your breasts can reduce during intense exercise and following a healthy diet as your body burns fat. 

As professional runners maintain low body fat and work incredibly hard, they are likely to see a reduction in breasts and body fat all over their bodies.

Think about how Olympians or professional runners look. Their bodies are incredibly toned and defined with little fat on them, allowing them to train and win these races, breaking speed records as they go. You will notice that these runners will have toned and defined legs and flatter stomachs too. 

While this is the case for most runners, not all runners are the same. You will still see breasts on some runners. It can be due to a higher percentage of body fat or burning as much fat as others.

Our bodies are all different; it’s what makes the world exciting and should not be compared with each other. 


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