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What is Runner’s High?

After completing a long run, it is likely that some people will have experienced a runner’s high at some point. This refers to a feeling of Euphoria that eases feelings of anxiety, instead triggering calmness. It is also believed to reduce the pain often felt by runners that have embarked on a lengthy run. It is

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Should Runners Do Squats?

When you think about exercises that are helpful for running, squats may not be the first choice that comes to mind. However, squats are a fantastic exercise for runners, for a number of different reasons.Squats are great for runners because they help to improve your leg power. Squats are not an easy exercise to do, especially

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Do Runners Have Skinny Legs?

A runner’s physique depends on the type of running they do.Professional runners, specifically long-distance runners, tend to have ‘skinny’ legs. This is because they train extremely hard in order to sustain stamina and endurance so, their bodies don’t get the chance to build muscle because they burn more than they consume.Moreover, the body’s preferred fuel

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