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5 Best Ways To Carry Your Phone Whilst Running

There are many reasons why people choose to run with a phone. A phone can provide the appropriate music to run to, it can show a map for a new running route, and can be essential for someone’s safety. 

Safety is probably the most important reason why people choose to run with their phone. Of course, there’s always the risk of someone stealing your phone or your phone dropping from an unstable carrying place.

However, regardless of where or when you choose to run, there will always be risks to consider.

5 Best Ways To Carry Your Phone Whilst Running

These risks could include unsafe or unaware drivers or cyclists, a suspicious person who could be following the runner, and most obviously, the risk of injuring yourself and needing help. 

Holding your phone in your hand may make you feel the most assured to know where your phone is, but this isn’t always the most comfortable option for most runners.

We have found the 5 best ways to carry your phone whilst running to give you the best sense of security! 

Running Belts and Fanny Packs

There are multiple forms of running belts available, either taking in the form of a slim belt or a fanny pack. Slim belts are great for running, as they are adjustable and comfortable to wear around the waist or hips and are non invasive.

They can be super lightweight and can hold a lot more than you would assume, meaning there can be room for other items such as headphones or keys. 

Fanny packs, likewise, are adjustable and versatile for holding multiple objects at one time. They also don’t have to be worn wrapped around the waist or hips, as some people wear fanny packs across their chest.

This is beneficial for those who find ordinary waist belts uncomfortable or disruptive - especially if they are running on an incline. However, some fanny packs can be quite bulky. 

A belt or fanny pack is one of the most secure options for carrying a phone whilst running, as there is little chance of it falling out from its secure and zipped position.

It is also very accessible to grab your phone easily in the case of an emergency. Plus, if you wear headphones, you can keep the wire from the headphones close to the phone. 

We recommend the Filoto Running Belt. This lightweight and flexible belt is made of lycra, which is soft and water/sweat resistant.

The pocket itself is large and can be stretched to fit any model of phone, and has a reflective light strip for safety.

As an extra bonus, it comes with a headphone hole so you don’t have to leave the phone pocket unzipped. Comfortable and adjustable, this is an ideal running belt. 

Water Carrier

Handheld water bottles are such a useful item for the regular runner. Like with a phone, sometimes it’s just not comfortable or possible to run whilst holding a water bottle in your hand.

Your hands will get sweaty, there’s a chance of water leaking from the bottle, and it means your range of motion from one arm is limited. 

A handheld water bottle kills two birds with one stone, as some water carriers come with a pocket designed especially for phones!

Whilst, sure, you’ll still have to hold a water bottle, your hand will have extra security and comfort to hold it without the risk of dropping it. 

One risk that people consider comes with a water carrier is the potential of leaking water.

This depends on the quality of your water bottle and the security of the phone in the pocket. You will need a water bottle that shuts properly and does not leak to prevent damage to your phone. 

If you don’t want to hold your water bottle, there are vests on the market that have pockets for water bottles and phones!

This is a good way of keeping your belongings safe to you, though it will add a bit more weight to your run. This can actually be beneficial to your exercise, however, if you want to increase your strength and stamina. 

We like the Gear Beast Handheld Running Water Bottle for its practicality and versatility. All you need to do is put your water bottle in, zip your phone into the phone pocket, slip your hand through the handle, and off you go!

The phone pocket is large enough for the majority of phone models, and comes with a clear screen protector so you don’t even have to take your phone out.

Perfect for if you want to change a song!

Compression Shorts with Pockets

Compression shorts are a popular purchase for runners. They are comfortable, practical, and can come with a pocket for keeping your phone safe. Running leggings with a pocket are also useful for runners. 

The main thing to consider when looking for compression shorts or leggings is the size. They’re not meant to be so tight that your legs are restricted, but something too loose will only become looser with a phone pulling them down.

The last thing you want to be doing is pulling up your pants after every 5 metres. 

Now, you could technically wear normal sport shorts with pockets to hold your phone whilst running. However, the whole point of compression shorts or leggings is that the material will force the phone to be held close to your body.

This means it won’t be bouncing around uncomfortably. 

We like the DEVOPS Men's Compression Shorts as they are designed for comfortability and practicality.

These shorts are made of a non abrasive spandex fabric for complete movability without causing rubbing or chaffing. 

This doesn’t mean they are restrictive in summer, as the material is breathable for sweat in the warmth and maintains body heat in the winter. These shorts come with a handy pocket for a phone, placed just in the right place for easy access.

You won’t even feel the phone when you’re running, as it is placed to not rub awkwardly against any bones. Coming in a pack of 3, they are also a great bargain for money!

As for women, we like the Fengbay High Waist Running Leggings. These leggings are elastic and stretchy without looking see-through, and high waisted to prevent the user from constantly pulling them up.

Most importantly, these leggings can come with both inner and outer pockets.

This means you can keep your keys on the inside, and phone on the outside for easy accessibility. They also come in a pack of 2, so you don’t have to wait around for your one pair of leggings to dry after washing them! 

Sports Bra

Women across the globe have all tried the phone-in-sports-bra hack whilst running. For some people, this actually works. It’s a very secure place for the phone to go, after all.

However, for others it can be a total nightmare. It can get sweaty, it’s not easy to grab the phone sometimes in an emergency, and the phone can dig into your body if it’s not positioned right. 

If you find that shoving your phone into your sports bra is just too inconvenient and uncomfortable, but you don’t want to buy a belt or water bottle holder that could alter your movement, you’re in luck!

There are sports bras on the market that have phone pockets. It’s a runner’s dream. 

These pockets are generally stitched into the back of the sports bra, so the only downside is that the phone isn’t as easily accessible as grabbing it out of the pockets on leggings.

However, all it takes is stretching your arm around the top of your back, so it’s not too difficult. It means you can run with your phone and without having any other objects to disrupt your running. 

We like the QUEENIEKE Women's Medium Support Sports Bra. This bra is made of a comfortable and breathable nylon and spandex, and is most ideal for women with a medium chest size (from cup sizes A-C).

The back pocket for the phone is secured by a double-flap closure and is situated just underneath the bottom of the neck.

There is also a designated headphone hole to thread your headphones through, which prevents them from getting tangled whilst you are running!


Armbands are probably the most popular and common way of carrying a phone whilst running. They are the most convenient and practical way to secure and use a phone, as armbands are so non-invasive.

Unlike belts or handheld water bottle carriers, armbands do not provide a physical distraction to adapt to whilst running. They simply reside on the arm, and that’s it! 

One thing to consider with an armband is that they’re not always the most comfortable. If they are too tight, they can be restricting and distracting to wear. If they are too loose, they will slip. 

However, most armbands for running on the market are specifically designed for holding phones. This means every situation is considered in the manufacturing process. 

We recommend the TRIBE Cell Phone Armband Case. This armband is designed especially for holding a variety of cell phone models, and is a useful accessory for runners.

It is adjustable with dual buckles and elastic band, so it won’t stick in your arm awkwardly. The most exciting feature on this armband is the touchscreen element.

Simply put your phone in the armband (your case can fit in too), and you don’t have to take it out again as you can just use the touchscreen case!

However, it is worth remembering that this means other people will see that you have a phone, which could cause a safety issue.

There is also a useful headphone jack which means your moving arms won’t accidentally rip your headphone cable from your phone. 

What to Consider When Running With a Phone

There are so many pros and cons to running with a phone, and it all depends on personal preference.

Some people prefer to run without technology to get away from it, and others like to listen to music whilst running. 


  • Provides entertainment
  • Access to calling people in the case of an emergency
  • Good for safety purposes 
  • Can provide torch light in the dark
  • Shows maps for running routes


  • Can make the runner look more vulnerable (if their headphones are in, they won’t be able to hear someone behind them)
  • Can be obvious to other people who may want to steal the phone
  • Could get lost or damaged if not carried properly
  • Nice to get away from technology
  • Can be uncomfortable and distracting if not carried securely 


One of the main factors to consider when looking for products to hold your phone whilst running is how accessible the phone will be.

It comes down to personal preference, as some people may prefer something with easier access than something that is more restricting.

The risk with accessibility is that anything too loose or easily opened can risk the phone falling out. Anything too restricting may be uncomfortable, but it will provide more security for your phone. 

Products such as an armband or water bottle carrier with see-through touchscreen cases for the phone are perfect for accessibility, as you don’t have to remove the phone from it’s secure place. 


The comfort of the product carrying your phone is paramount. A product that is uncomfortable can completely change your running pattern, speed, or time, and can be very distracting.

Here’s the thing - you don’t have to substitute your comfort to keep your phone safe and secure. 

The products we have found are proof of this, because they are made of breathable and soft materials that are designed to be lightweight and non-invasive.

By non-invasive, we mean that nothing will dig into your bones or skin. 

It’s all about trial and error. Some people may find keeping their phone in their sports bra is comfortable, and others may prefer an armband. 


If your headphones are connected by Bluetooth, this isn’t really a concern.

Actually, it’s incredibly beneficial as you don’t have to worry about wires getting tangled or ripped out of the headphone jack! 

Most products come with suitable headphone jack holes to prevent the wire from being ripped out of the phone. However, this can take a bit of fiddling before going for a run.

Make sure you make a good playlist so you don’t have to worry about changing the music. Also, tuck the headphone wire into the product. This means you can give your arms freedom of movement without the wire getting in the way. 


Now, some runners like to run with a handful of belongings for peace of mind, whilst others prefer to run with virtually nothing.

It all comes down to personal preference, which is why we cannot possibly recommend one product over the others. 

Products such as fanny packs or belts are perfect for versatility. If you are the type of person who likes to carry multiple personal items, such as keys or an inhaler, these products allow you to carry all of them as well as a phone.

However, whilst this is incredibly practical, it can be quite heavy or distracting if you are not used to it. 

Some runners prefer to be as minimal as possible so their running isn’t distracted physically.

This is when a sports bra with a pocket or pockets in compression leggings are most useful, because you can simply carry your phone in your clothes with you as you run. 


There you have it, our 5 best ways to carry your phone whilst running! As we have discussed, it all comes down to personal preference.

You will eventually figure out what works best for your personal running style with trial and error. As long as you can safely carry your phone with you whilst running, it’s all good! 


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