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Can You Burn 1000 Calories Running?

Yes, you can burn 1000 calories running but the rate at which you burn these 100 calories will depend on how fast you’re going, what your weight is, and what incline you’re running at. 

On average, someone burns about 100 calories per mile that they run so if they wanted to burn 1000 calories, they’d need to run at least 10 miles and with each mile within 6 minutes for an hour. The faster you run, the more miles you’ll cover in a quicker period and the quicker you’ll burn calories.

For instance, If someone was to run 10 minutes miles during an hour, then they’d only run about 6 miles in distance and burn around 600 calories instead, so they’d need to run for at least an extra half hour to burn those remaining 400 calories to reach the 1000 calories burned mark. 

The heavier you are in weight, the more calories you will burn as your body needs to work harder to carry your weight from one foot to another whilst you’re running.

So, someone who weighs 110lbs would burn fewer calories than someone who weighs 150lbs if they were to run the same distance at the same speed. For the more lightweight person to burn the same amount of calories would either be to run faster or run a longer distance.

The incline you’re running on will also impact how many calories you burn and how fast you do so. Running at a steeper incline for a large majority of your run will mean your body has to work harder and your heart rate will be raised higher, meaning you’ll burn more calories.

If you want to burn calories quicker then running or sprinting uphill for long periods of your run will increase your calorie burn in a shorter time.

Unless you’re a seasoned runner, then running for longer than an hour at a time can be tiring and also strenuous on your joints so some people may find there are more effective workouts that achieve similar calories burned without having to run for over an hour. 

One of the best forms of exercise for burning lots of calories is high-intensity interval training (HIIT), where you can burn around 600 calories from just 45 minutes of exercise depending on your weight and how hard you are training.

However, beginners or less experienced fitness people may find 45 minutes too hard to handle and may only be able to manage 20 minutes before they’re extremely tired. HIIT makes your heart rate high for a prolonged period, whereas running may keep your heart rate at a mediocre rate that doesn’t test your cardiovascular abilities. 

You can burn 1000 calories by walking however it’ll take you longer to be able to achieve this calorie burn. The average person would need to walk for at least 2-3 hours a day to burn 1000 calories on a walk, but this number will also depend on how fast you’re walking, the incline you’re walking at and the weight you are.

If you’re just starting with fitness or on a weight loss journey, incline walking is a simple yet effective way to burn lots of calories without having to engage in anything too intense. You may have to spend more time walking but at least you can build up your fitness slowly. 

How can I burn 1000 calories a day on a treadmill?

You can burn 1000 calories a day on a treadmill by running at a steady pace and trying to achieve a mile in under 10 minutes. Increasing your speed and achieving a quicker mile will enable you to burn calories more efficiently.

Some people may need to run for 60 minutes to burn 1000 calories where some may need to work for longer to burn the same amount of calories because of the speed they are running at. 

One of the most effective ways to burn 1000 calories on a treadmill is by doing sprint intervals. This sort of interval training can be more enjoyable than slogging on a treadmill for over an hour and will allow you to burn more calories quickly. 

One effective routine to follow is sprinting for 30 seconds, resting for 30 seconds, running for 45 seconds, resting for 45 seconds, running for 1 minute, then resting for 1 minute, and repeating this routine for about 45 minutes until you’ve burned 1000 calories.

The key is to sprint fast at around speeds of 8.8-10mph on the treadmill (depends on what your legs can handle) as you’ll burn more calories faster. Increasing the incline setting to around 3 on your treadmill for your sprints will also enable you to burn more calories in a shorter period. 

If you don’t like running or sprinting, a fast-paced incline walk can also prove to be a good workout, however, you’ll need to walk around a pace of 6mph and at an incline of 12 to be able to achieve somewhat near 1000 calories burned around the hour mark.  


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