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Does Running Change Your Body Shape?

If you are thinking about taking up running, then you will want to know all of the benefits that you can receive from partaking in this hobby! Running is an incredibly popular exercise and sport, as it is perfect for building muscles and burning body fat simultaneously.

Running is also an exceptional sport for keeping good health, and high fitness levels, but not only this, frequent running can also reduce stress, improve your heart health, lift your mood and help alleviate some symptoms of depression and anxiety.

This simple activity alone can do great things for your health, and not only change your life, but can also change your body shape! 

Does running change your body shape?

Yes, running does change your body shape! Running is typically an excellent means of losing weight as this activity works wonders to burn fat. Whilst running alone will not make you lose weight, as we all know this depends on your diet too. However, running does burn double the amount of calories that are burned when you walk.

By regularly participating in running activities, and a healthy balanced diet, you will burn off a lot of fat, and lose weight simultaneously, which will change your body shape drastically. That being said, running is not only perfect for losing some excess weight or bulk, but it is also really effective in building muscles, or toning up a little.

Running is a great workout, capable of burning calories, helping you lose weight and mass, increase cardiovascular health, whilst also building, toning and strengthening muscles.

What is an added bonus is that as a runner, you will get beautifully toned thighs and legs, as long as you run frequently, and nurture a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle.

How does running change a woman’s body?

As running is a good way to burn off calories, and keep fit, running can help women lose body fat and drop a few pounds. In addition, running will tone up the legs, on the thighs and on the calf muscles for a toned and tight look.

What can be even more addictive for female runners is the fact that running can help tone up, lift and increase the size of the butt.

Unfortunately, you cannot have all good without some bad, and for some women, they may notice that their boobs shrink after getting interested in running.

This is however completely normal, and something that can be expected as both men and women tend to lose weight in the chest area with a good running routine. Just remember to invest in a good sports bra to keep the chest supported and safe when exercising.

Does running tone your arms?

Cardio workouts will help you burn muscle in many areas of the body as long as you stick to them, exercise often, and eat healthily. When you are running, you can also tone up your arms as these are used to propel yourself forward when jogging and running for extended periods of time.

During the running motion, your arms work to counterbalance your body weight and your legs, whilst the swing of your arms can help you move your body forward. As you use your arms to force yourself forward whilst running, frequent running can help tone up the arms and lose excess fat in this area.

The great thing about running is that it is one of the best ways to burn away calories, and therefore burn fat off the entire body...this includes the arms, and so you can tone these up easily with a running workout routine.

What muscles get toned from running?

As mentioned, running tones a wide variety of muscles. However, the main focus and muscles that are toned and worked when running will be the glutes, hamstrings, abs, quads and calf muscles.

In addition, running can help strengthen your core, as your abdominal muscles help stabilize your body and generate the force you need to propel yourself forward whilst running.

It is important to keep in mind that you will not see drastic or great results unless you implement a frequent running routine or exercise plan in your life. To see some real change in your body shape, muscle tone or mass, you will need to run for at least 30 minutes a day, three times a week.

You can also take rest days where you do not run, to ensure that your muscles and body has time to rest, but on these days you can participate in other activities and exercises such as cycling, walking or swimming.

Will running 2 miles a day tone my body?

Yes, running every day, especially 2 miles a day will help you tone up your body and burn off fat. However, it should be noted that running and exercising is only half the battle when it comes to health and fitness. This should always be utilized in conjunction with a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet for the best results.

There is no use running 2 miles a day if you are going to pig out and eat unhealthy, processed or fast foods 24/7, as you may not see the results that you are seeking.

Running 2 miles a day will definitely tone up your body and make a difference to the way your body looks, the shape of your body and subsequently, how you feel about your body.

However, if you are new to the world of running, then you will want to start slowly, and work up. By throwing yourself in the deep end, you may find running for long periods of time too difficult, hard to breathe, and you will need rest days and recovery periods in between running days to ensure that you do not injure or hurt yourself. 


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