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Is It Good to Shower Before a Run?

Going for a run can make you pretty sweaty, so you may be wondering if there’s even a point in showering before you go for a run. As it so happens, showering before any kind of workout can have a range of different benefits. It’s not just good for keeping you stink free as you go about your day.

The first thing to note is that the warm water of a shower can do wonders for your body. It can help your muscles, for a start. If your muscles are feeling a little stiff, a hot shower may be just the thing that you need to make them a little looser before you hit the race track.

Not only that, but a shower can also get your blood pumping around your body before you head out, which can help you to feel better on your run. It’s essentially the equivalent to a warm up in some respects. It gets your heart pumping and your muscles working before you even get outside the door.

So that’s what a hot shower can do. But what about a cold shower before your run? Well, a cold shower before you run can actually help your body to cool a little, and this may be helpful before you do cardiovascular activity since it can help your body to handle long exercise at high intensity much better.

It helps your endurance levels, meaning that you may be able to run for a longer amount of time if you go in the shower before you start your running session. It’s especially helpful before you go out on a hot day - this cooling can help you to feel a lot more willing to get your sweat on.

The most obvious benefit of showering before your workout is to reduce the amount of odor from your body. Bacteria and sweat can make its way onto your body while you sleep.

If you combine this with the sweat from your latest exercise session, you are going to reek by the time that you get into the office the next morning. This isn’t going to help with your concentration levels, and you may even get a few people holding their noses around you.

If you want to avoid unwanted attention, it may help to take a quick dip in the shower before you leave the house in the morning.

Should you shower before a marathon?

Should you shower before a marathon? The truth is that the answers to this question are rather mixed. Some people say that it’s a good idea, others say that it’s best to leave your shower until after the race, where a contrast shower can help your muscles.

Some people say that showering before a marathon is a terrible idea. This is because a shower can often remove some of the natural oils that your body produces. These oils are important for keeping the body cool throughout the day. The logic dictates that if your body is stripped of these oils, you are more likely to feel dehydrated on your run.

The honest truth, however, is that showering before a marathon can be a highly personal thing. There are people that find that a shower before the marathon is a necessity, whereas others would prefer to avoid it altogether.

A shower can be a great thing to do if you have a race in the morning. It can help to wake up your muscles. It’s great for helping your blood circulation before you start the race, and you may even be more efficient when you are running if you take a quick shower beforehand.

It can also help you to smell a little less like sweat when you’re out on your run. Many people believe that having a shower before a marathon is simple marathon day etiquette. You don’t want other runners to be smelling your body odor, after all.

Sure, you’re going to get sweaty during the run, but why make the smell even worse? Even a quick shower in the morning can make a world of difference.

Hygiene before your race is important. As such, showering isn’t the only thing that you should consider doing before your race. You should also put some deodorant on so that your body odors aren’t as strong when you are out running.

Avoid things like perfume or cologne since they can be rather strong and people may struggle to breathe if all they can smell is your perfume. Just practice basic hygiene - you don’t need to go over the top.

And if you are going to take a shower before your marathon, make sure that you do it a few hours in advance - you don’t want to be running when you’re still soaking wet! 


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